Medicom SafeSeal® Pack Basic Dressing Set (Non-Woven) #8111



傷口清洗包(無纺敷料)#8111 Features • Used for basic dressing procedure  • Designed for efficiency and cost effectiveness  • No cotton fiber shedding • Ready to use - EO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilized . 80set/ctn Components: Sterile Field x 1pc Plastic Forceps, Yellow x 1pc Plastic Forceps, Blue x 2pcs Dressing Towel x 1pc  Dressing Tray x 1pc Non-woven Sponges (7.5 x 7.5cm, 4-ply) x 6pcs Non-woven Sponges (5 x 5cm, 4-Ply) x 6pcs