Medicom MediGel 500ML HAND GEL



Medicom 嗜喱酒精搓手液 既安全而有效 • 快速消毒, 殺滅99.99% 細菌及病毒, 用後無需沖洗 • 無香料, 無著色, 不含致敏物質 • 含有保濕及潤膚劑, 使用後滋潤雙手, 不乾燥 • 用途廣泛, 有效殺滅細菌, 酵母, 黴菌, 病毒 • 符合歐洲手部消毒標準及外科手部消毒標準 500ml, 12支/箱 Medicom Aniosgel 85 NPC Hand-Rubbing Disinfection •Kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses •Conforms to Hygiene handrub standard EN 1500, surgical handwash standard EN 12791 •Hypoallergenic formula tested under dermatological control •Formulation without fragrance nor colorant •Excellent skin compatibility, suitable for sensitive skin •With moisturizing agents: Prevent drying of skin due to the presence of alcohol •With emollient agent: Smooths and softens skin •With protective agent: Anti-inflammatory properties 一 made in China

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